Weird Cat Pictures Show That Regardless Of How Strange Cats Are We Will Love Them Anyway

Cats are often glorified as being cute little animals who sleep all day, purr a lot and maybe catch a bird if they are feeling energetic. Ask any cat owner and you will learn that the only thing a cat does with certainty is whatever the heck it pleases.

No two cats are the same, and their unique personalities make them very interesting companions to have around the house. While some of them engage in what can be described as “regular cat activities,” such as screaming constantly for food.

Other cats sometimes seem to malfunction slightly, and yet we love them endlessly anyway. Check them out below and be sure to let us see the weird things your cat does in the comments below!

This cat who hates having a cold nose

This cat malfunctions sometimes

This lil demon has a very sinister yawn

Cats who like to let you know they could kill you

[heart eyes]

This cat who likes to be a boat in the bath

This cat who likes to challenge our understanding of bones

This cat is liquid

This cat who looks like it’s trying to hypnotise you

(Probably into giving it more food)

“Say cheese”


A shoe is not, in my personal opinion, a pillow–but what do I know?

Sleepy cat

Some haven’t quite learnt “chew with your mouth shut”

“Excuse me, sir”

He wasn't pleased when I asked him not to sleep where he poops

This cat *knows” that she’s beautiful


This cat has seen cinematic masterpiece, “Happy Feet,” too many times

Some cats have aeroplane ears!

Expectation vs Reality