Some Of The Best Cat And Dog Tweets That Are Sure To Boost Your Mood

If you’re an animal lover then you are definitely in the right spot because we love to do animal posts on here and love to share what others have posted of their animals. Cats, dogs, fish, furry friends, and any other type of animal are great at putting us humans in a great mood.

They are just too cute, silly, and wholesome for us not to smile when we look at them or interact with them. That’s why we love bringing you these animal posts because we know that they are going to do a great job at getting you to smile even if you’re having a terrible day.

Looking at wholesome content is what I love to do when I’m stressed out or when there are heavy topics on social media and I want to filter them out. We just want to thank everyone who shares their pets with us on a daily basis so that we can continue bringing amazing posts like this that are perfect for brightening up your day or just putting a smile on your face.

With all that being said, let’s look into some of the best top tweets that have been shared that are of cats and dogs.

1. This is exactly how it is when someone shows up and there is a cat or any animal for that matter.

Me and my friends when we get to a party and there’s a cat there— memes i wish i could tag my cat in (@memesiwish)January 20, 2022

2. If our dogs could use Twitter then I’m sure this is what it would consist of.

3. Cats will literally lay anywhere and make it look comfortable.

4. Clearly these dogs are patiently waiting for the chicken that they deserve for being good boys.

5. This cat still doesn’t look that happy to have a plate of food in front of them.

6. This is the cutest dog and photo I’ve ever seen.

7. This is such a natural and cute thing that cats do and we love it.

8. This dog looks so sad to not be in front of the fire and in the bed.

9. I will say that I’ve never seen a cat eating a burger, so this is definitely a first for me.

10. This tweet says it all.

11. When you accidentally open a can of tuna but forget you have a cat.

12. This totally does look like an album cover.

13. I’ll never understand why cats like to slap.

the cats are boxing— raineys bday is 7/25🦄🌈 (@raineyrainbows)January 25, 2022

14. I would have been searching for my dog not even knowing.

15. Well that’s an interesting view.

16. There is a reason they are called scaredy cats.

17. This is the cutest little puppy ever.

14/10 best photo ever!— Heckin Good Dogs (@HeckinGoodDogs)January 25, 2022

18. This goes for both cats and dogs honestly.

19. This is the recipe for proper mental health.

20. Now this is something that I can easily believe.

These posts really didn’t disappoint and I can speak for probably a lot of us when I say that I feel much better after looking at all these cute faces. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Keep an eye out for more of the best social media posts about animals so you can stay in the loop.