Paralyzed Cat Learns How To Walk Again And It Is So Beautiful

Unfortunately, not all cats are blessed with good health. Sometimes, cats have medical conditions, disabilities and special needs–sadly, these types of cats are less likely to find their way into loving homes.

These cats may take a little more time, attention and patience, but they are still just as capable and just as valid as cats that do not need that extra help. This is why it takes a special kind of person to look after a pet with special needs: Jessica Ruf is that person.

Read the story of just one of cats Jessica has saved, and given a lovely life too, below.

This is Renley.

When Renley came to Jessica the cause of his injury was unknown. They did x-rays and tests and realised that if the kitty was going to learn to walk, it would take a lot of determination.

Jessica was only supposed to look after Renley while he was recovering. But after spending so much time with the cat, she fell in love and HAD to adopt him!

They have been through so much together, and are the best of friends!

Check out this video of Renley’s journey to walking below.

Isn’t this the cutest? Do you have what it takes to raise a special needs cat? Tell us in the comments below.