23 Nostalgic And Inspirit Photos For Pet Owners To Reminisce On Long Gone Angelic Furry Friends

We have a strong belief that every living creature appearing in our lives has always been taking an important part in our hearts and souls. The ones that came and left, the ones that are remaining with us right now, will forever live in our minds. It is so true to say that pets mark an irreplaceable imprint in their owners’ lives.

They are animals, but for us, they are family, closest friends, and soulmates. Therefore, many people who have (or used to have) pets have created countless cute gifts and souvenirs to remind everyone how wonderful a pet can be. Today, we wish to introduce an inspiring photo collection stored on Reddit that can delight your days and wash away your sorrows.

Let’s stop the chitchatting and begin diving into the creative world filled up with colors and emotions! Don’t forget to grab your little pals and pet them gently while enjoying this moment!

#1 A close friend of mine is relocating from the U.S. to the Netherlands and asked me if he could bring one of his favorite parts about the states (my beautiful dog, Addie), with him. Now she’ll be following him around everywhere, but forever:) – 5rl

Source: u/j_prk

#2 We lost Remo this year. I painted the bottom left when I was really missing him, and my dad engraved a similar image onto the underside of the coffee table he made me for Christmas. ❤️ These dogs really do have a special place in your heart.

Source: u/shrimpydave

#3 Indy trying to make more paw print tattoos on my arm.

Source: u/MrMeow8

#4 My very special Siamese Sailor pen has just arrived. I bought it in commemoration of my beloved Siamese cat, Charlotte (pictured), who passed away some time ago. The pen’s nib has a little cat on it (second pic). I just wish Charlotte was lying on my desk now and watching me write with her pen…

Source: u/Tinklebee

#5 You can clearly see my dog’s favorite peeing spots

Source: u/Tlaky

#6 The path my dog wore on the lawn from going back and forth to talk to the neighbor’s dog

Source: u/HoldMyPitchfork

#7 My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose-shaped mark behind

Source: u/hyaher

#8 Got some photos of my children printed off today

Source: u/sleeplesscatss

#9 Resin keychain I made of my cat.

Source: u/Wildlife-outside

#10 Apt memorial or am I crazy? Made a collage into a 2000-piece puzzle after I lost my best boy

Source: u/tsaltaeerf

#11 My cat has worn her own path into the carpet on the stairs.

Source: u/Lunar-Baboon

#12 Mitus loving grandma. He is sooo gentle with her but crazy hyper with anyone else!!

Source: u/KotaCali

#13 Was told to post Rey cuddling up with me on the couch

Source: u/javawong

#14 The smile I get during belly rubs 😀

Source: u/trippyyy

#15 My human

Source: u/sshapz

#16 I think my cat smiles for the camera

Source: u/Sheik-mon

#17 Love the way she looks at me

Source: u/n4os3iqueus3rn4m3p0r

#18 Such a happy dog getting her piggyback ride!

Source: u/dncrgal1323

#19 My pig’s selfie game is strong.

Source: u/courtneyfootz

#20 We just adopted Bella and she really likes my Fiancé

Source: u/bioticgod55

#21 True love.

Source: u/Mywifepeaks

#22 Lolita’s first night at home!

Source: u/jela_03

#23 Find someone that looks at you the way our kitten looks at my husband. The kitten he didn’t want and I quote ‘I want nothing to do with it, I won’t pay any vet bills and definitely won’t give it any attention!

Source: u/nevernomuffintops

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