20+ Moments When Orange Cats Bewilder Everyone With Their Silly Behaviors

If there’s one thing that seems too peculiar but still stays around us every day, it must be the dorky cats. The felines were domesticated thousands of years ago, but after such a long time, we still have no clue how they could act so weirdly. No matter how long you know a cat, they never stop confusing you with their unbelievable eccentricity. 

Given our superficial knowledge of this creature, we all realize that not many people can resist their charm. They simply do nothing but lounge around at home, but some kind of magical power in them makes us fall in love and enjoy petting them all the time. These lovable felines have never lost their heat throughout history. Apparently, you can see them as the inspiration for various works of art, ranging from songs and paintings to cartoons and books. Furthermore, in the modern era of rapid media development, cats appear all the rage on the internet. The point here is that we seem to never get enough of this gorky animal. That may be understandable as the feline wouldn’t let them have time to be bored.

Today we want to introduce you to the subreddit r/OneOrangeBraincell, which shares the derpy power of orange cats around the world. If you are an orange cat lover, this is a place for you. Even if you are a fan of cats generally, you shouldn’t miss these incredible moments of these orange balls! 

Let’s see if you’ll be cracked into laughter with these pics!

#1 After Watching Me Clean The Litter Box And Throw The Poops Into The Litter Locker For Weeks, Jack Decided To Cut Out The Middle Man And Just Poop Directly Into The Locker

Source: PrincessOake

#2 Introduced My Cat To Leaves Today

Source: nowhalle

#3 One Orange Braincell In Original Packing

Source: mulcher7

#4 First Time With The Brain Cell

Source: Cooperlici

#5 Two Hours Of Cat Tree Building Later

Source: garageofevil

#6 Nailed This Years Christmas Picture

Source: cleecloomou

#7 This Is Philip J Fry And He Is My Best Friend

Source: jessprius

#8 I Put My Cat’s Extra Fur On His Head And Now He Keeps Talking About The 2020 Election

Source: Lam0rac

#9 I Have No Words For My One Brain Cell

Source: Fearless-Acadia-6613

#10 My Boy Got Stuck On Top Of The Wardrobe Door Today

Source: FranciscoEverywhere

#11 My Cat Roger Displaying His Crackhead Energy And One Brain Cell At The Same Time

Source: Fancy-Stop-3241

#12 We Told Him He Wouldn’t Like It Outside, But He Insisted. This Is What We Saw On Our Doorbell Cam A Few Minutes Later

Source: Urban_Jaguar

#13 Bet You Can’t Find Him! He’s Hiding From The Vet

Source: Sultry_Penguin

#14 The Braincell Is Multiplying!

Source: darkcitrusmarmelade

#15 Booker Loves Staring At Ice Cubes. He Doesn’t Lick Them Or Touch Them; He Just Stares And Purrs

Source: ChalkButter

#16 Our Cat Isnt Smart Enough To Use The Litter Box, But Thankfully She’s So Dumb She’s Looped Back Around To Being Smart And Pees In The Toilet

Source: Cumbandicoot

#17 This Is Helga. She Jumped Into Some Garlic Butter Sauce And Had To Have A Bath. She Will Not Learn From This Experience

Source: 7ornado_al

#18 I See Your Mango, And Raise You My Mango

Source: kooriwi

#19 My Brother-In-Law Helping His Buddy Dobby Look For The Brain Cell

Source: Jay911

#20 He Repeatedly Gets Stuck Like This When We Open The Top Half Of The Door

Source: JHRooseveltChrist

#21 Anyone Else’s Sleep Like This? My Sweet Goose

Source: ChippySay

#22 Kevin Has Been Sitting And Watching A Game Download For 45 Minutes

Source: MackHarrison3260

#23 A Story In 3 Parts

Source: maxthecat5905

#24 Walked In On A The Weekly Meeting Of The Minds

Source: rockerbox

#25 Doesn’t Even Have Enough Brain Cell For Basic Cat Activities

Source: catloverMD

What’s your most memorable experience with a cat? Do you think orange fur affects a cat’s behavior? Let’s comment in the section below, and don’t forget to check out other posts on our site to see how extraordinary the feline can be!