14 Seriously Cute Pictures Of Doggos That Will Have You Craving A Pet Of Your Own

We have shared many animal posts mostly because we love looking at them and we know that many of you love our animal posts. One of the many things you can do on the internet is to look at people’s photos that they post, whether that be selfies, outdoor pictures, or photos of their animals.

It’s no secret that everyone loves showing off their pets on social media. I know I have had people show me their animals all the time and I’m not mad about it at all because it makes me just as happy as them honestly.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t happy whenever they see animals which makes these types of posts even better because we can ensure that they will make a difference in someone’s day. We also see a lot of dark things on the internet, so having some refreshing content is always nice.

If you’re having a bad day, are looking for a reason to get a pet, or if you just need some wholesome refreshing content then this article is perfect for you. Finding these animal posts was super fun and we can’t wait to see what you think of them, so let’s dive into it.

1. This is so cute the way he’s looking at the puppy and the way the puppy is just sitting there.

2. This is a gem of a photo, but wait for the next one.

2. This is a gem of a photo, but wait for the next one.

2 Continued. I really can’t explain how adorable this is.

2 Continued. I really can't explain how adorable this is.

3. Okay now a donut pillow is a must have for all dogs.

4. This is hilarious. I love when animals sit or stand in “human poses”

5. They are just two peas in a pod and we are loving it.

6. I love that they both stayed there so that she could get a picture.

7. This is the cutest dog and clearly they are very happy to be at Target. This makes me want to take mine on a Target run.

8. I mean, if the dog called shotgun then that’s fair. Also, I know many people who would do this though.

9. The ponytail is seriously everything for me because why does this dog need a ponytail?

10. Awh, the poor baby was confused and probably wasn’t used to the extra weight on their back.

11. Oh not hey literally cut off all of their hair. I wonder if that was intentional of if they accidentally cut too much.

12. Oh my gosh this is precious. I bet they’re wondering why nothing is moving.

13. This is the cutest thing that I have seen all day. We, as humans, don’t deserve dogs.

13. This is the cutest thing that I have seen all day. We, as humans, don't deserve dogs.

These pet social media posts definitely did not disappoint as we saw some really cute, funny, adorable, and silly animals in this list. Our animals are always unpredictable and they are forever surprising us with their shenanigans.

If you were having a bit of a rough day then I hope that this post helped put a smile on your face.